Monday, October 09, 2006

Ball State's Copyright Center Manager to be on State Committee

Fritz Dolak, Manager of the Copyright Center at Ball State University, will participate on the Indiana State Library's Copyright and Rights Management Committee. The committee’s charge is to take into account current Copyright Law, case law, copyright policies of other statewide and regional digital libraries and out of these discussions, promulgate guidelines, policies, and recommendations that will consist of intellectual property rights documentation for the infrastructure of the Indiana Digital Library program.

In addition to the manager, the other committee members include:
•Dr. Kenneth Crews, J.D., Ph.D., Samuel R. Rosen II Professor in the Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis and in the IU School of Library and Information Science, Associate Dean of the Faculties for Copyright Management, and Director of the Copyright Management Center IUPUI
•Robin Crumrin, IUPUI Digital Library Team
•Donna L. Ferullo, J.D., Director of the University Copyright Office at Purdue University and Associate Professor of Library Science
•Connie Rendfeld, Local History Services, Indiana Historical Society

The Copyright and Rights Management Committee will be instrumental in creating an innovative and comprehensive Indiana Digital Library that will enhance our State’s research and instructional needs for the State of Indiana’s students, instructors, libraries, archives, museums, local governments, and all of its citizens.


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