Monday, October 09, 2006

Architecture Images Collection Strengthen by Donation of Images from Student, Faculty

Digital images from the 2005 CapAsia trip to Southeast Asia are now part of the Architecture Library’s Visual Resources Center’s collection through the Digital Media Repository. Donated by recent Ball State Landscape Architecture graduate Lindsay Bacurin and Urban Planning professor Nihal Perera, the images are an important addition to the collection.
CapAsia is a ten-week field study offered by Ball State’s College of Architecture and Planning. Participants travel extensively throughout Southeast Asia while they complete coursework and collaborate on projects with students at sister institutions. During their travels, CapAsia students and faculty have many opportunities to take photographs. Images from the study trip are now a resource for the entire Ball State community to use in papers, projects, and classroom presentations.
In addition to historic sites and street scenes taken in India, Taiwan, and Thailand, the donated images also document some of the 2005 tsunami damage. After the tsunami surged through Southeast Asia, the CapAsia students and faculty were able to travel to Sri Lanka to see the devastation first hand. While in Sri Lanka, they worked with the residents of Kalametiya, a fishing village, to begin rebuilding some of the homes that were destroyed.
The CapAsia images join other donated works in the Architecture Images Collection, including those from personal collections and the 2003-2004 Polyark/World Tour study trip. All of these images, in addition to purchased images and digitized slides, make the collection a rich resource for Ball State.