Monday, October 09, 2006

Automated Card Locks are Key to Convenience and Security at Bracken Library

The University Libraries, known for utilizing technology to improve its programs and services, recently installed additional card-swipe locks in Bracken Library. This brings the number of card-swipe systems to six.
“The card-swipe locks help us to improve security and are cost efficient,” said Arthur W. Hafner, dean of University Libraries. “They reduce or eliminate much of the record keeping involved with issuing replacement keys, eliminate the cost involved with re-keying whole areas when keys are lost or stolen, and they simplify the record keeping necessary to track who has access to areas.”
Personnel use their Ball State University identification card to pass through the doors. The ID card is the same that is used to check out informational materials, receive discounts at the bookstore, and do business at the Ball State credit union.
During normal hours of Bracken Library operation, many of the doors that use the card-swipe locks remain open for students, faculty, and staff.
The card-swipe locks are manufactured by Best Access Solutions, Inc. Over the next few years, plans are to extend the use of keyless locks throughout the University Libraries.


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