Friday, September 15, 2006

Bracken Library’s Network Infrastructure Enhancements Improve Desktop Application Performance for Students and Faculty

In late August 2006, work began to increase the number of network ports in Bracken Library by 178. When the project is completed, these new data drops will bring high speed network connectivity to all areas in Bracken, including those areas that formerly relied on the WiFi network to support public workstation technology.

Wired network connectivity provides students and faculty using Bracken Library with immediate access to significant network resources at workstation logon, such as faster authentication, iLocker storage access, and many shared network resources.

Behind the data lines will be new, high speed CISCO units to dedicate switched, 100Mbps full duplex network connections to each and every public workstation. These and similar network enhancements are part of the Office of Information Technology’s strategic plan to optimize technology utilization for teaching, learning, research, and service.


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