Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Architecture Librarian Reaches Out to Younger Users, Different Audiences This Summer

In July, Amy Trendler, Architecture Librarian, hosted a group of high school students in the College of Architecture and Planning for a library visit. Amy introduced the 68 workshop participants to the Architecture Library’s resources and publications in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning.

As part of their session, students had time to peruse a number of current periodicals, reference works, and books on designers, styles, and building types.

“They were interested in everything from Bauhaus to sustainability,” Amy said. “I think they enjoyed seeing some of the works published on these topics.”

In June Amy spoke with 30 junior and senior Girl Scouts who were earning their Architecture and Environmental Design badge. Using the Architecture Images collection in the University Libraries’ Digital Media Repository, she showed the scouts American architectural styles.

“I asked them to look closely at pictures of houses and describe some of the things that stood out. Then we talked about different architectural styles, such as Italianate, Greek Revival, and Prairie Style, and I noted some of the major characteristics of each style,” Amy said. “All of the Girl Scouts were curious about the architecture especially when the recognized some Indiana houses among the examples I showed.”

Based on feedback during and after the sessions, some participants appeared to be setting their sites on a college degree at Ball State University. If so, the University Libraries will again be available to offer support for the learning interests.


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