Wednesday, August 09, 2006

University Libraries’ Community Development Website Offers One-stop Solution

Information Services Librarians Stephen K. Duecker and Brenda Yates Habich created a research tool that will help people who are involved in making communities develop and grow, Community Development Resources and Tools, at

This one-stop solution offers an excellent array of links related to community building and development, such as
• government and state information
• emerging issues
• demographics
• grants and jobs
• public safety
• technology
• urban and rural planning

The professionals who will benefit from using the site include
• urban planners
• strategic planners
• community renewal specialists
• political scientists
• legislators
• town/city government developers
• business retention experts
• business development specialists
• scholars, students, and others

In tandem with schools, businesses, and health services, libraries help to revitalize, strengthen, and build communities. The Ball State University Libraries seeks to serve those on campus, in the community and beyond.


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