Wednesday, August 09, 2006

University Libraries Adds Rare Copy of 1942 Ostland Atlas to Collections

The University Libraries recently added a copy of the rare 1942 Ostland Atlas to its Archives and Special Collections Research Center.
Published in 1942 by the Nazis, the atlas was created for the civil administration for the German occupied eastern territories. Ostland is the name given to the occupied Baltic States that included Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus in 1941. The rare atlas includes 57 folded, color maps showing the occupied administrative area, its climate and vegetation, population demographics, agricultural status, industry, energy and economic features, traffic and roads, foreign trade in 1938, and history of the area to 1943.
Paul Stout, emeritus map librarian, said that he acquired the atlas in the 1990s from a colleague who probably overlooked, as did he, its value because it was in another language and its container was ragged and falling apart. The atlas was put in storage until it could be evaluated for completeness and context.
When reviewing materials, Map Collections Assistant Melissa Gentry found the rare atlas safely wrapped and waiting to be appraised. It was promptly cataloged and added to the collection.
According to World Cat, three libraries in addition to Ball State University have an original copy of this publication: the Library of Congress, the University of Oxford, and the University of South Carolina.


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