Friday, November 10, 2006

University Libraries Developing a Digital Commons Web Page

In late October 2006, the Dean of University Libraries formed the Working Group to Develop a Digital Commons. The vision for the Digital Commons is a utility that facilitates content acquisition and access management of digital resources and that is accessible on the Libraries’ Web page.

The Digital Common’s design includes the following
elements, some of which may be expanded or contracted as the Working Group continues building a working prototype:

Digital Media Repository e-Journals e-Books
World Wide Web Resources e-Theses and e-Dissertations
BSU Institutional Repository Ball State University Virtual Press
Virtual Reference Resources Articles, Databases
Digital Video Collections

Persons interested in seeing the development of the graphical interface can view the URL below, keeping in mind that activated links are samples only and that various teams will build the secondary-level pages as the project progresses:


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