Friday, November 10, 2006

Trillian Basic 3 Messenger Client Now Part of University Libraries’ Virtual Services

The Trillian Basic 3 messenger client is a fundamental tool in the University Libraries’ virtual library toolkit. This software, created by Cerulean Studios, is a third-party messaging client that provides IM services to the major messaging services including AOL Instant Messaging (AIM), Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger (now Windows Live Messenger), IRC, and mIRC.

Trillian Basic is available for download from various sites on the Internet. CNET’s reports more than 30,327,000 free downloads of Trillian 3.1 since February 2005.

To test its functionality, I have been using Trillian Basic for several months and find it very useful. Contacts can be grouped in various configurations and contact status information is indicated by various icons. Trillian Basic also provides links to email accounts associated with your screen names. This is worthwhile software for IM users to add to their toolkit.


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