Tuesday, November 18, 2008

University Libraries: Involved in Conserving Paper, Recycling Efforts

The University Libraries’ scanning stations are busy humming as students scan papers and research materials and then save their documents to their 2 GB iLocker digital storage space (provided to all Ball State students, faculty, and staff.)

At the University Libraries, visitors are encouraged to help reduce waste and slash disposal costs by saving portable document files (PDFs) to computers and thumb drives instead of printing them. This initiative has been successful as more people become comfortable with both reading and writing on screen.

Additionally, students are asked to limit their printing to 30 pages per day and to place any waste paper or unwanted documents into any one of 25 recycling containers located in Bracken Library.

The University Libraries’ personnel routinely recycle photocopy and printer cartridges.

“We’re already in the habit of recycling paper. The discarded pages are turned into notepads and many staff use the back side of pages for printing,” said Susan G. Akers, Marketing Communications Manager.

Another recycling effort is to encourage students, faculty, and staff to leave magazines at a large magazine rack in Bracken’s lower level for others to enjoy.

Other conservation-minded measures include using equipment that features the Energy Star or other power management functionality to conserve electricity and by asking employees to turn-off their desktop computers and office lights when they leave for the day to conserve energy by thinking green.

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