Thursday, September 18, 2008

Librarian Liaisons Promote Resources to Faculty

Whether it’s an instruction class, a newsletter, or a subject guide, librarian liaisons seek out many opportunities to encourage and facilitate communication between the University Libraries and the academic departments that participate in the program.

“Being a library liaison offers the opportunity to open lines of communication between the Libraries and teaching faculty,” says liaison Diane E. Hill, Media Librarian.

Diane works with the Departments of Education Studies and Elementary Education. She finds that teaching instruction sessions that focus on the collections in the Libraries’ Educational Resources Collection is a perfect opportunity for working with faculty.
Science librarian Kevin E. Brooks agrees. “The faculty search me out for instruction, research consultation, even help fleshing out courses and assignments,” he said. “The librarian liaison program has given me another avenue to interact with faculty about what we can do for them.”

The University Libraries’ LibGuides offer librarian liaisons an opportunity to create or promote subject guides for the academic departments they serve. To date, over 75 popular LibGuides have been created for subjects ranging from accounting to women’s studies, Librarian liaisons also use Web sites and newsletters to highlight resources.

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