Monday, November 19, 2007

Libraries’ Physical Processing Staff Demonstrate Book Repair Methods to Media Specialists

Staff members from Ball State University Libraries’ Physical Processing section demonstrated book repair techniques to media specialists from schools in Blackford County on November 5, 2007.

Lisa Anderson, Blackford County Schools director of media services, said the media specialists are usually too busy to repair many books and they were interested in recommendations for supplies and techniques.

“We want to know how to do repairs quickly,” she said.

Ken W. Fadely, physical processing assistant at Bracken Library, showed the group how he uses specialized tapes and glue in repairing torn pages, broken book spines, ripped covers and loose pages. Some of the media specialists brought damaged books to the session from their school libraries for examples and advice. One book could not be repaired because previous repair methods used an unsuitable tape to hold loose pages in place.

The University Libraries’ Digitizing and Physical Processing Supervisor Melanie R. Davis provided the group with handouts which included instructions and helpful supplies for repairing books. The handouts also referenced Web sites that present techniques and advice. She also demonstrated how commercially purchased clear plastic sheets are used to cover books.

Melanie and Ken also offered suggestions for homemade tools and supplies that are convenient and inexpensive.

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