Monday, September 17, 2007

Bracken Library’s Study and Conference Rooms Offer Quality Space for Collaborative Study, Meetings

The Ball State University’s Bracken Library offers students, faculty, and Ball State Community Members a variety of comfortable study and conference rooms for collaborative study, learning, and small conferences. There are 17 rooms. Of these, 16 of them seat between 6 and 20 persons, and one room accommodates 90 persons. These small and large rooms must be reserved and are also available to staff and campus organizations for meetings, project discussions, colloquia, and planning.

The type of equipment available in each room depends upon the room itself. All of them offer wireless connectivity, and many offer projection screens, chalk boards, and bulletin boards. All of the rooms have tables and chairs and many of the rooms offer a computer monitor for laptop presentations. Visit to view an equipment inventory for each room and to see a photograph of the space.

Laptops, iBooks, digital projectors, pc microphones, digital cameras, media card readers, a SMART Board, and other equipment are also available for use in these rooms. Items can be checked out from the Libraries’ Educational Resources Collections (Bracken lower level) as aids for group and/or personal study.

Bracken Library’s hours are good, too, since we are open 120.5 hours a week, including until 3:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. With wireless connections throughout the library, students can get on-the-spot reference help using instant messenger clients such as AOL, MSN, and Yahoo. The Bookmark Café provides a great place to take a study break with a variety of snacks and beverages.

In the near future, Bracken Library’s study and conference rooms can be reserved online. While this module is being developed, students and faculty and members of the Ball State Community can reserve a room or ask questions through personnel at the Periodicals desk, in person or by phone, (765) 285-5146.

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