Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Profile: Danny L. Taylor, Ball State University Libraries’ Periodical/Reserve Assistant

Muncie’s own Danny L. Taylor, Periodical/Reserve Assistant, is well known on the Ball State campus and has a longer history than almost anyone at the University Libraries. Thirty-six years ago, he began working part-time in Periodicals. At that time, Periodicals and Reserves were separate units. They merged in 1984.

In Danny’s job, he creates reserve records for the permanent reserve current periodicals so that they can be checked out by students and faculty. After a certain period, Danny removes the reserve records from the permanent reserves system and prepares the items for processing in serials cataloging. Danny said one of the joys of his job is being around students and working on the computer.

“Like a lot of people, at first I was afraid to work on a computer,” he said. “But over the years, I have learned how convenient it is and now I’m comfortable with it.”

“Danny’s enthusiasm for and dedication to his job, Bracken Library, and Ball State University are absolutely unparalleled,” said Christy A. Groves, Head of Access Services. “He always has a smile for everyone he meets.”

After graduating from Muncie Central High School, Danny obtained a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Ball State. He says that he enjoys cultural events and sports. He is a regular at the local civic theater and Main Street Studio Theatre as well as Ball State’s women’s basketball and volleyball games.

This summer Danny plans to again participate in Ball Memorial Hospital’s therapeutic recreation program, just as he has for the past 12 years. This is an important event to Danny because he has cerebral palsy, a medical condition that results in reduced control of movement and posture. The three-day adaptive water skiing clinic is held in Cicero, Indiana and is conducted by the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana Sports Program.

Danny enjoys water skiing, a sport he can enjoy through the use of custom-made extra-wide skis that allow those with disabilities to enjoy the thrill of gliding across Morse Lake.

Danny’s younger brother, Scott, is a Doctor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He accompanies Danny to the event. Speaking about his brother, Danny said, “My handicap inspired him to become a doctor.”

“Dan is one of the most active people I know,” said Jan A. Vance, his supervisor. “He is the true spirit of live strong.”

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