Wednesday, June 13, 2007

University Libraries’ Public Workstation Keyboards Regularly Cleaned

The University Libraries are high-traffic locations with an average of 4,600 visitors daily during the academic semesters. Many visitors make use of the 345 computers available throughout the facilities during the 120.5 hours each week that the Libraries are open. The chatter of clacking keyboards underscores the active research environment.

In an effort to maintain an inviting atmosphere, personnel in Public Services strive to keep computer equipment in good working order by engaging in a regular cleaning schedule. Light dusting of tabletops and monitors happens daily in some areas. The comparatively quieter times that accompany holiday and semester breaks provide the time necessary for thorough cleaning and sanitizing, particularly of each computer mouse and keyboard. During these times, one hears the sounds of mini-vacuums, compressed air, and other cleaning equipment.

These activities, and other work performed by Facilities custodial crews, insure that Bracken Library, the Architecture Library, and the Science Health-Science Library present a clean and welcoming environment for library users.

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