Monday, February 19, 2007

Bracken Library Adds Three iScan Stations

The University Libraries, in partnership with University Computing Services and the Ball State Office of Information Technology, have added three additional iScan Stations in Bracken Library. These iScan stations have been installed in the following locations:

· the Educational Resources Center
· on Bracken Library 2-West near the photocopiers
· on the north end of the Bracken 3rd floor lobby near a photocopier

Placing the iScan stations near the photocopiers and the bound periodical collection is convenient and gives students another opportunity to capture journal content for research and learning.

The University Libraries now has four iScan stations. The locally-developed touch screen application allows a Ball State student or faculty member to scan a print document directly to his or her iLocker disk space. The process could not be simpler. Anyone in the Ball State community can swipe his or her BSU identification card using the attached carder reader. The easy-to-use touch screen display prompts the user to choose scan quality.

The next step is to place the document on the flatbed scanner and touch the scan icon. In just a few seconds, a JPEG image of the document is stored in the iScan folder in the user’s iLocker account.

As a convenience to students and faculty using the Libraries’ public workstations, the University Libraries provide easy access to iLocker, a data storage solution with free access to 2 GB of storage for their use. For additional information, view

For more information, contact Bradley D. Faust, Ball State University Libraries’ Assistant Dean for Library Information Technology Services,, (765) 285-8032.


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