Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SirsiDynix Unicorn GL3.1 Upgrade Installed for University Libraries' Integrated Information System

On December 17, 2006, personnel from Library Information Technology Services unit upgraded to the newest version of SirsiDynix Unicorn, the Libraries’ integrated library system. GL 3.1 is the latest version of the Unicorn system and provides comprehensive integrated library system functionality for the University Libraries.

The new Unicorn software version provides many changes and improvements for both library customers and staff. Many of these are “behind the scenes,” yet they will make the online pubic access catalog CardCat even easier to use.

One major improvement with the GL3.1 implementation is better performance from the new Java WorkFlows staff client. WorkFlows is the integrated staff client for all Unicorn software functions and is used by library personnel to complete circulation, cataloging, acquisitions and collection development transactions in Unicorn.

Some of the online public catalog CardCat improvements include:

- Improved display of browse lists (“Begins with…” searches) in CardCat. Previously, these lists displayed in all capital letters, but they now appear in title case, making them easier to scan and read.
- A configurable timeout setting for the retrieval of enhanced content. The enhanced content in CardCat (book jackets, table of contents, summaries, reviews) come from external sources. In the case of technical difficulties, this new timeout setting will minimize slowness experienced by the user.
- Support for 13 digit ISBN numbers. Users and staff will be able to use both the new 13 digit numbers and the older nine digit numbers without difficulty.
- Improvements to the way that government publications are sorted. This will make finding these documents much easier for both customers and staff.

For more information, contact Katie Bohnert, Library Enterprise Service and Systems Support Analyst, Library Information Technology Services, KBohnert@bsu.edu, (765) 285-8032.


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