Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ball State Libraries add ZUULA.com on Public Workstations

Ball State University Libraries has added the ZUULA.com Search Engine, now in Beta testing, www.zuula.com, to the public workstations. With this search engine, students and faculty can retrieve results from several top search engines at the same time, such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, Gigablast, and Exalead.

Results from each of the search engines are returned under a separate tab. Searching with zuula.com is an easy way to find the results from several search engines since each search engine tends to return different results. Zuula.com also offers Web, Image, News, Blog, and Job searches.

Zuula.com’s search history feature is very helpful when conducting difficult searches. Inevitably, difficult searches involve a series of searches, each of which differs slightly from the other. Zuula.com’s search history function helps users avoid duplicating searches and thus duplicating their efforts.

Zuula.com provides a single advanced search interface for all of the search engines within a given search type.This saves the user from having to become familiar with the different user interfaces at different search engines.

For more information, contact Bradley D. Faust, Ball State University Libraries’ Assistant Dean for Library Information Technology Services, BFaust@bsu.edu, (765) 285-8032.


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