Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Directions in Photography Exhibit at Ball State Libraries

Combining photography with computers, students were free to choose their subject and style to complete an assignment in Art 433/434, a senior-level class. Thirty digital images of people and places comprise this unique exhibit entitled, Directions in Photography. It will be on display in Bracken Library’s First Floor (west side) through spring of 2007.

“Some students chose to use the computer to make subtle, minor or undistinguishable changes, whereas others manipulated images to a much greater extent,” said Prof. Mark D. Sawrie. “The class is designed to support, critique, and advise students depending on their individual direction.”

Sawrie said there are advantages and disadvantages, like that of other mediums, in using a computer as a tool since technology can be used to draw attention to itself by using special effects or surrealism, for example, or technology can be used to employ a certain task with which one has an affinity, such as printing in color or printing in black and white.

The University Libraries features ongoing exhibits and displays by students and faculty. For information, contact Susan Akers at SAkers@bsu.edu or call (765) 285-5031.


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