Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Better Browsing Experience with Embedded Media Player in Digital Media Repository

Most of us are suspicious of pop-up windows when using the Internet. During online research, when one has several windows open, the last thing needed is another window to pop-up on the desktop. The University Libraries has begun to address this issue in the Digital Media Repository, http://libx.bsu.edu.

In our Indiana ArtsDesk digital audio collection, for example, we prevent a pop-up to the Windows Media Player by embedding a media player directly in the record. The user can listen to the audio content by clicking the embedded media player. For an example, view http://libx.bsu.edu/u?/INArtsDesk,28.

Currently the Indiana ArtsDesk collection is the only collection that features this technology. Soon, though, we will add this functionality to all of the digital audio and video objects in Digital Media Repository collections.

For more information, contact Budi Wibowo at BWibowo@bsu.edu or call (765) 285-8032.


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