Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ball State Libraries Customizes Students' Experiences

Librarians and paraprofessional personnel at the Ball State University Libraries recognize that today’s library customers are accustomed to service and convenience. They want it. They expect it. They demand it.

An example of how the University Libraries seek to customize each student’s educational experience for learning and research is in our offering expanded service hours. Longer hours allow students flexibility in designing his/her individual study program-based on personal needs, such as working on campus or off.

Peter John, a senior who is majoring in Piano Performance, takes advantage of the Music Listening Center’s expanded hours by utilizing the listening carrels. In addition to using the sound resources to study, Peter also searches the Educational Resources Center’s catalogs for visual resources. By coupling his listening research with viewing a Stravinsky ballet, for example, Peter enhances both his understanding and appreciation for informational materials.

Sherrell Robinson is a Telecommunications senior. She does not own her own computer, so being able to check out a laptop from the Educational Resources Center allows Sherrell the flexibility to study wherever she feels most comfortable in Bracken Library. Most nights, she reserves one of our many group study rooms with a friend. According to Sherrell, studying collaboratively allows the two of them to “focus and get our work done.”

Having his own laptop did not help Bryan Williamson recently to complete a project on time; however, Bracken’s resources did! Bryan is an interior design major in the College of Applied Sciences and Technology. While working, he lost the project on his computer and had to begin completely over. Having REVIT software available on Bracken’s public PC stations allowed him to work since the department lab was closed. He printed the final project on the large plotter in the Geospatial Center and Map Collection unit.

The University Libraries delivers a wide-range of quality services conveniently to our students and faculty, helping them to meet their learning and research needs, allowing the University Libraries to be a strategic part of their success plan for achievement.

This story was written by Kathleen E. Pickens, Ball State University Libraries’ Library Night Supervisor.

For more information, contact Suzanne S. Rice, Ball State University Libraries’ Assistant Dean for Public Services,, (765) 285-1305.


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