Tuesday, June 27, 2006

University Libraries Recognized for Outstanding Brochure Design

A panel for the Library Public Relations Council’s annual “Share the Wealth” contest selected a brochure produced by the Ball State University Libraries to be included for display at the 2006 American Library Association conference in New Orleans.

The criteria used for selection included originality, visual impact, effectiveness, and content. Susan Akers, Marketing Communications Manager, worked with Dr. Arthur Hafner, Dean of University Libraries, to create the informational brochure which was sent to BSU faculty in early 2005.

The three-panel brochure, which has an unusual cut and fold, includes 24 bullet points highlighting services and collections of the University Libraries.

The Library Public Relations Council was founded in 1940 and is an international organization that promotes the development of effective public relations skills for library public relations practitioners and other library staff interested in public relations activities. Visit their site at www.libprcouncil.org


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