Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ongoing Improvements for the University Libraries: Inside and Outside of Bracken Library

There are many reasons why students like to spend time in the University Libraries. Some of these are that the libraries provide access to librarians and other paraprofessional personnel who help students with research and technology, the many inviting spaces for individual and collaborative learning, the great technology for writing papers and compiling research data, and the library’s space that is open and clean.

Keeping the University Libraries clean and attractive is an important objective. Students expect it. To accomplish this objective, different cleaning activities take place during the year.

Recently, three students working for the University Facilities Student Custodial Crew spent time in Bracken Library on the first floor both inside and outside of the building to wash windows. At about the same time, grounds crews began landscaping around Bracken Library as part of ongoing campus beautification. Other activities include

• cleaning computers and keyboards
• painting various spaces and e-classrooms in Bracken Library
• cleaning carpets in Bracken Library
• increasing the amount of electrical amperage available at Bracken
• power washing Bracken Library's exterior cement walls

Keeping the University Libraries clean and attractive is one of the many ways in which the Libraries are recognized on campus as a destination for resarch, learning, and friends.


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