Monday, August 24, 2009

Bracken Library Features New Art Exhibit on Children’s Literature

Exploration of Narrative Art is on exhibit on Bracken’s first floor through fall semester 2009, thanks to Dr. Barbara Jo Giorgio-Booher, Assistant Professor in Ball State’s Department of Art. Paintings are on the wall and also featured in a display case.

In Professor Booher’s class, Drawing 3 (AFA 303), students read various classic children’s literature to learn how authors and illustrators use compositional elements in the creation of children’s books. They then select a story segment, line, or verse. Their objective is to comprehend the nature of the text and give life to that comprehension. The students used color, environment, figures, and common objects to explore how to support a narrative with art.

Dr. Arthur W. Hafner, Dean of University Libraries, developed and implemented the idea of sharing artwork with students, faculty, staff, and visitors at the University Libraries. He believes that students benefit from sharing their artistic creativity with a larger audience, and the displayed artwork in the University Libraries enhances the physical environment while also providing artists an opportunity to exhibit their work. The outreach program to students and faculty in the Department of Art as well as on campus in general has resulted in beautifying the Libraries’ walls on three floors. Artistic works include items ready to hang such as paintings, drawings, woodblock prints, and photography, in addition to handmade books and metal works measuring less than 8” high in order to fit into specific display cases.

The University Libraries invite Ball State students, faculty, and staff to display their artwork in Bracken Library. Similarly, the Libraries invite university community members who would like to provide live artistic performances. The artist or performer begins by completing an online form: Dean Hafner said, “We have exhibited some spectacular artwork created by members of the University community. We have also hosted many live performances that have helped to expose our students and faculty to the performing arts.”

For more information about loaning artwork to Bracken Library or performing in Bracken Library, contact Hank Gerhart,, 765-285-5277.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

University Libraries Upgrade to N-Wireless Connectivity

When using the University Libraries, students, faculty, staff, and other users of netbooks, notebooks, laptops, MacBooks, and other wireless hand-held devices will notice that they now have full access to n-level data network connectivity, technically known as 802.11n. This connectivity is accessible throughout the University Libraries, including the two branch libraries: Architecture Library and Science-Health Science Library.

The benefit to wireless-n device users is that the upgrade allows significantly faster network throughput. With n-wireless, for example, the theoretical capacity is 444 Mbps; whereas it was 54 Mbps with the g-wireless service. Each new access point supports 5.0 GHz band in addition to the 2.4 GHz band already in place. The 5 GHz band has substantial capacity and less radio interference. Because so many WiFi devices are b- or g-level compliant, a dual band wireless network is being configured. These features are important to Ball State students and faculty who increasingly are finding that the Internet is an indispensable tool for research and learning for accessing informational resources.

Students and faculty can also borrow laptops and MacBooks from the University Libraries for a period of up to 18 hours. This allows them to experience a laptop or substitutes one for their own that may be at home or in their residence hall room when visiting the Libraries. In addition, the Libraries provide access to almost 400 desktop computers that provide access to all of the common software used on campus to support project work and research.

Students and faculty using devices on the wireless network will also have access to the library laptop printing service through the Libraries’ homepage.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

University Libraries’ Student Assistant is New Ball State Trustee

Indiana’s Governor Mitch Daniels has appointed Nicole M. Vauter to serve on the Ball State University Board of Trustees. Nicole has worked in the University Libraries as a student assistant since the second semester of her freshman year.

Nicole, who hales from Hebron, Indiana, is a third year student, pursuing a double major in finance and economics. In addition to serving on the Board of Trustees, Nicole has a fellowship at the Miller College of Business and is assigned to meet with prospective College of Business students and their families. She also keeps active with START, the Student-Alumni Relations Team, and Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity. “I’m looking forward to learning more about all the different things I’m involved in,” says Nicole.

Nicole is a Circulation/Reserves Student Assistant in the University Libraries. This means that students and faculty may run into her the next time they check out a book or pick up an Interlibrary Loan item at Bracken’s Circulation Desk. Nicole can also be found creating network guest passes, organizing book trucks, and shifting books in the stacks.

About working at the University Libraries, Nicole says she likes the opportunity she has found to create so many fun and interesting relationships with the full-time personnel and student assistants. “I love the people I work with. It’s a fun atmosphere.”

Diane Frankland, Nicole’s supervisor, said that it is hard to put in just a few words an adequate description of Nicole. “Nicole is a very sweet person, and also diligent, caring, and responsible, with a lot to offer. I think she’ll go a long way.”

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