Wednesday, July 15, 2009

20 Things to Do Outside of Bracken Library

During the academic year, the doors of Bracken Library are in constant motion. It is at the library that one can get a snapshot of life on campus.

Indoors or out, Bracken Library is at the heart of the Ball State campus. With more than 1,000 square feet of open space on both the south and north plazas, there is plenty of space for students to enjoy fresh air and a myriad of activities.

20 Things to do on Bracken’s Plaza
- Study for a test
- Wait for a friend
- Sketch an assignment for art class
- Exercise your First Amendment rights
- Play four-square
- Sit on the lawn and discuss current events
- Take advantage of wireless outside and research on your laptop
- People-watch
- Research on your laptop
- Throw a Frisbee
- Work on a project with a classmate
- Play Hacky-sack
- Practice playing an instrument
Listen to the birds
Read a chapter in the latest bestseller
Sit on a bench and make a phone call
Study how the light changes on the building and take a series of photographs
Take a nap
Spread a blanket on the grass and enjoy a picnic
Have some quiet time for reflection

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this is a v good list imo


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