Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Web. 2.0: My Library @ BSU

Ball State University Libraries are a great place for conducting research, working on assignments and papers, or finding a quiet place to study. The Libraries offer a vast array of top-quality resources to support student research in all subject areas. In today’s user-customizable, Web 2.0 environment, students need library resources to be organized around their needs for gathering information based on their classes. The University Libraries now offer an online tool that allows them to accomplish just that: My Library @ BSU.

My Library @ BSU is a customizable library Web portal page for students, inspired by iGoogle and MyYahoo. It is designed to create a one-stop shop for students who are seeking resources tailored to the courses they are taking.

When users first log on to the My Library @ BSU,
http://libix.bsu.edu/mylibrary, they are invited to select three subject areas that match the courses they are currently taking. Once selected, My Library creates a personalized library Web portal page with tabs for each subject, plus a customizable “My Stuff” tab.

Each subject tab contains a short list of links to specialized information resources, such as subscription databases and other e-resources in a given area. The “My Stuff” tab is customizable, allowing users to add links to other electronic resources such as RSS feeds (news feeds, blogs, etc.), library quick-search modules, and widgets of all kinds from sites such as Widgetbox, www.widgetbox.com. Future modules may include subject-relevant RSS feeds, summary of the user’s library account, and an “assignment calculator.” Tabs can be added and deleted as needed.

This release is a “beta” version of My Library, and we are seeking feedback on the usefulness of this tool. Students and faculty with a valid Ball State user ID and password are invited to create their own My Library @ BSU page, peruse the site, then send us feedback via the BSU Libraries Web Lab, www.bsu.edu/libraries/weblab/index.htm#mylibrary. A demo login will soon be available for those outside BSU who are interested.

For more information, contact Roy “Todd” Vandenbark, University Libraries’ Part-time Temporary Special Project Developer, RTVandenbark@bsu.edu, 765-285-8032.


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