Friday, August 17, 2007

The University Libraries’ Photo Galleria as Visual History

There is educative value in depicting student life for all to see. Photographs capture reality and establish information about people, places, and events. Photographs are visual history.

The University Libraries has embraced this idea and contributes to these concepts by capturing digitally how students use various library spaces. A unique webpage, called Photo Galleria, is part of the University Libraries’ homepage, and it is dedicated solely to this endeavor:

Currently, the University Libraries’ Photo Galleria consists of over 300 photos depicting the various activities that occur regularly in Bracken Library and demonstrably shows how students are actively engaged in using Bracken in a variety of ways for individual and group study spaces as well as for meeting spaces. The Photo Galleria consists of thumbnail images. When an image is right clicked, the display shows a fuller-sized image. Please visit the University Libraries’ Photo Galleria to see pictorially how the University Libraries impact teaching, learning, and social life.

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