Tuesday, May 15, 2007

OCLC ILLiad Interlibrary Loan Management Software Version 7.2 Installed for Ball State University Libraries

On March 12, 2007, personnel from Library Information Technology Services unit upgraded the University Libraries’ ILLiad software to the newest version, which greatly automates Interlibrary Loan functionality for the University Libraries. The most notable enhancement is the complete redesign of the ILLiad Web Interface.

On May 7, 2007 Library Information Technology Services’ personnel moved the new pages to the University Libraries’ homepage. These changes include the following features:

· A new main menu that provides customers immediate access to all of their current request statuses
· System Alerts issued for the entire system, or even particularized to individuals
· RSS feeds for notifications and the capability for customers to subscribe to them
· A search function that allows customers to find any of their ILLiad requests from the main menu
· Functionality to allow customers to undelete electronic delivery items that they may have accidentally deleted
· Completely redesigned Cascading Style Sheet Borrowing webpages

A few of the additional enhancements within the staff client that work behind the scenes to benefit customers is that requests are processed more quickly and easier within ILLiad.

The new software enhancement allows customers to create, perform, and save more complex searches and there is improved processing of electronic notifications for better customer service.

For more information, contact Lisa A. Chambers, Library Enterprise Service and Systems Support Analyst, Library Information Technology Services, LChambers@bsu.edu, (765) 285-8032).

This newsletter article first appeared in The Library Insider 5(5): 13; May 2007.

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