Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What Classroom Faculty at Ball State University Say about Library Instruction Services … Dr. Michael W. Doyle

Dr. Michael W. Doyle shares his perspective about the value and importance of the library instruction sessions at the Ball State University Libraries.

Put simply, I could not adequately teach certain aspects of the courses I offer here at Ball State without the invaluable instructional workshops that you and your estimable colleagues have provided my students over the past eleven years. I have arranged for you to present specialized hour-long workshops on conducting historiographical research for my graduate seminars and on doing research in Indiana history for my upper-level undergraduates. Together you and I have produced three-page handouts that detail essential sources and databases on these topics for distribution to my students, and you have expertly initiated them to the most efficient means of locating relevant citations. There's never been any problem in scheduling these workshops, even when they have had to be arranged near the start of a semester when you have been inundated with other instructors' requests. I can hardly express how highly I regard your services. Thank you!

This is an excerpt from an article, which first appeared in The Library Insider 5(3): 4; March 2007.

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