Wednesday, June 07, 2006

All in a Day’s Work: Cleaning Bracken’s

The University Libraries provide students and faculty access to 347 PCs, including all of the common software that is used on campus.

During Spring Semester 2006, the PC stations were used by 14,196 unique uses, or by 64.8% of the University Community of students and faculty, for a total of 212,810 sessions.

Each day, the area around the public workstation is cleaned by custodial services. During breaks and at the end of each semester, the public workstations are more thoroughly cleaned. This entails using compressed air to blow out dust and debris that lodges on the keyboard, the use of denatured alcohol to remove dirt and grime, and cleaning of the computer table.

Shown in the photograph are Liz Lewis and Jerry Stefancic, student assistants who work in the University Libraries’ Business Support Services unit, cleaning workstations and wiping down the computer tables in Bracken Library shortly after the end of Spring Semester so that the areas would be ready for Summer Session students.

We appreciate the work by all of our student assistants and personnel at the University Libraries who work to make the libraries a great place to research, learn, and study.


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